The Benefits of Using a Water Fed Pole System for Window Cleaning 

Are you tired of the traditional window cleaning methods that take too long, are unsafe, and don’t provide the desired results? If so, then a water fed pole system may be the perfect solution. In this blog post, we will explore why the water fed pole system is a better option than traditional window cleaning methods. 

Safety First 

The most obvious benefit of using a water fed pole system for window cleaning is safety. With traditional window cleaning methods, workers have to climb ladders or use other equipment to reach higher windows – which can be dangerous. With the water fed pole system, all work can be carried out from the ground making it much safer for everyone involved. 

Better Clean 

The water fed pole system also provides better results when it comes to window cleaning. It uses purified water that has been filtered to remove any minerals and impurities that can leave spots on glass. This means your windows look fresher and cleaner than ever before! Plus, since you are reaching higher windows with the pole rather than trying to stretch and clean them with a cloth or paper towel from below, you get much better coverage. 

Frames Cleaned Too! 

Another advantage of using a water fed pole system is that it not only cleans your glass but also your frames at the same time. Traditional methods tend to focus solely on the glass – leaving dirt and grime behind on the frames – but with this method both the glass and frames are cleaned at once! So, you never have to worry about having dirty frames again. 


When it comes to window cleaning, there are many advantages to using a water fed pole system over traditional methods. It’s safer for everyone involved since all work can be done from the ground, plus it provides better results thanks to its purified water that leaves no spots or residue on glass surfaces. Furthermore, you get even better coverage since you’re able to reach higher windows with ease as well as clean both your glass and frames in one go! For these reasons and more, anyone looking for an efficient way to clean their windows should consider investing in a water fed pole system today!

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